Global Missions

Forest Park supports two separate mission projects.

 Henderson Settlement began its mission in the valleys of Appalachia in 1925.  Rev. Hiram Frakes established schools for the children who had no opportunity for any type of education.  In the years that followed, more schools were built along with churches and various programs were established to make life in Appalachia a little easier.  In the l960’s and 1970’s it became a partner with the federal government in the war on poverty and social workers were added to their staff.  Other programs added were a library, the raising of feeder pigs and early childhood development.  A community center was added in 1976 and fellowship lunches, outreach services, tutoring and adult education programs were instituted.  They have established work camps and people from all over the world come to offer their services for a week or so at a time doing such projects as home repair, child care, helping with the food pantry and spreading the gospel.  Youth ministries have also been established and there are recreational programs and childcare programs.  Henderson Settlement is now also supported by the General Board of Global Ministries to provide spiritual, education and social opportunities for families in Appalachia.

Forest Park supports this project as part of its Mission of the Month emphasis in November and December.

See Local Missions for other Missions of the Month.


Heifer Project

The Heifer Project provides food and perhaps a small income for people living way below poverty level in areas all over the world where hope for a better life is almost nonexistent. The Project gives animals to needy families, teaches them how to care for the animals, and helps them use the animals and their by-products to the fullest extent– for example: a cow will give milk to improve the family’s diet; extra milk, butter and cheese can be sold to buy needed items, and offspring can be shared with other families to make the project go even further.  Every November we collect money for this important project and especially focus on our children getting involved to purchase animals for needy families.